Birthday Smile

A poem; for the one my soul still loves.

It was your birthday last week
I don’t ever forget
My heart can never betray
my memories I have knit

Oh I loved that time of year
To show my love so true
and how much you meant to me
everything I wanted for you

That day would bring so much joy
It was a chance to adorn you
with every ounce of my heart
and see us grow wild and free

I would plan and ponder
meditate and wonder
how to make every second
spent with you count

But it was all in vain
now i cannot celebrate it
anymore with you
as we once did
just awhile ago

To see your smile
that would pulse my heart
to feel your warmth
now so far apart

I miss that beautiful smile
I miss that cozy hug
Oh Lord why did you let me
experience such love

If it was only to vanish
Gone in front of my eyes
I wish i could have known
That birthday would be the last

I would’ve made it the best
Adorned with roses
my greatest endeavour
Now I only hold this
As a memory forever 

Top 10 Albums of 2017

Hey 2018. 

I know its been a while since my last post. So I thought I'd wrap up this past year with a tribute to one of my favourite things in life; music. 

So let's smooth into the year with a look back at my top ten albums of 2017. 


10. Landmark – Hippo Campus

This album just slid into the top ten list, in place of Mutemath's "Play Dead". There weren't enough songs I loved from that album to justify it over this one. This album came in clutch around September/ October time, and school was starting and Youtube was promoting this band in their music ads. Sweet find.

Favourite song to drum to: Buttercup


9. Ultralife – Oh wonder

The pops of summer vibes in this album was perfect for the month of July when it came out. Their documentary of how they got to the final product of their recordings was amazing, and I encourage anyone to go check it out. The vibrant piano patches in every track make the album enjoyable as well as leaves you wanting more. 

Favourite song: All About You


8. Harry Styles – Harry Styles

Can we just all admit for one second...One Direction is better in different I right? (Okay enough with the jokes) But, everything from his first single "Sign of the Times" that blew me away and got me hooked, to his punk-rockish, "Only Angel" and "Kiwi", to his sweet melodic "Sweet Creature". So much attitude in it and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Favourite song to finger pick: Sweet Creature

7. The War Is Over – Josh Baldwin

Prior to this album, I never heard of Josh Baldwin, but I was so glad to find out about this. I have to say, I think this was my favourite christian album for the year of 2017. It brought about a bit of a different undercurrent to the christian song world. It was refreshing, both the voice and the musical progressions. Get Your Hopes Up was my anthem for a while every morning I woke up. 

Favourite Song to remind me: Abraham


6. gone now – Bleachers

Well if you didn't play Don't Take The Money at least 600 times, did you really have the best summer? Honestly though, a pretty underrated emerging indie pop band. This is one of those albums where I wish I owned on vinyl before I listened to it on my headphones. The rawness of the vocals is pretty capturing and makes you want to join in. 

Favourite song: Don't Take The Money


5. The Heights – Knox Hamilton

I've been waiting for a while for this album to come out. When they came out with their How's Your Mind EP, back in 2015, it was clear they are the coolest, summer-viby alt bands ever. So many fun songs to jam to and there's not one song that leaves me dissatisfied. If they made each song into their own album, they'd be rich. The more I think about it, the higher in ranking this album should be. (Seriously, listen to every song, it won't disappoint.)

Favourite song to jam to: Sight for Sore Eyes

4. Rococo – The Royal Royal

Oh boy, did they surprise me, and tease me all over social media with their palm branch vibes, and jungle vibes. When Neon Sign came out, it was immediately apparent that this was going to be one of my favourites. Like, Champion literally sounds Africa by Toto. Whether or not it was intentional, the 80's influence is definitely there and so well done. But then songs like I Found Love and Everything, make the album that much more solid and hearty. 

Favourite song to praise (and cry): Love 3


3. Only The Lonely – Colony House

For those of y'all you know me, you know that my favourite band of all time are these guys right here. Every since being introduced to them in 2015, (formerly known as Caleb), Colony House have been the staple of music in my catalogue. They did not disappoint with this album, after When I Was Younger already blew everyone out of the park. So much I could say about this album, but I'll save my opinions for a private conversation. 

Favourite. Song. Ever: This Beautiful Life


2. Mercury & Lightning – John Mark Mcmillan

Shear experimental and lyrical genius. John Mark Mcmillan is one of those rare gems you keep a close eye on, (in this case close ear) because you know their always up to something amazing. This record was nothing short of amazing. I mean if Borderland wasn't beautiful and experimental enough, JMM blows it out of the park with Mercury & Lightning. His political and religious standpoints, so subtly yet purposefully implemented in most of the album is beautifully executed and crafted well enough for the keen to pick up on. He really makes you think and ponder and stay for a while. Not to mention the FREAKING AWESOME DRUMS AND SOUNDS EFFECTS. Enough said. 

Favourite song that instantly makes me dance: Unhaunted

1. Dive Deep – Andrew Belle

There's so much I could say about this album. It was honestly so close between this one and Mercury & Lightning which came first. First of all, Andrew Belle is a solo artist, so this whole album was thought of and done by himself so thats just impressive. Second of all I was waiting for this album for a long time, after Black Bear came out back in 2013, so new sounds emerged out of the three year hiatus. Such a well-rounded album and so comprehensive. The messages in every song are well thought out, the theme and sonics of this album are cohesive and work from song to song. This album invites to explore your thoughts, challenge your convictions, and dive deep. 

Favourite song to contemplate: When the End Comes

When the End Comes is about just that – it’s about how on one hand I can know that at the end of my time here I won’t care about much else besides the people that I love and who love me back; and yet I get so distracted and caught up in my own head with everything going on these days that I need reminding of that on a daily basis. At the end of my life there will only be a handful of things that mean anything to me and so I wrote this song about keeping those things close and putting everything else in the background. – Andrew Belle

And on that note...this is some of the motive for 2018. More to talk about in the next post. Until then, we'll catch up all on all other ones!