Birthday Smile

A poem; for the one my soul still loves.

It was your birthday last week
I don’t ever forget
My heart can never betray
my memories I have knit

Oh I loved that time of year
To show my love so true
and how much you meant to me
everything I wanted for you

That day would bring so much joy
It was a chance to adorn you
with every ounce of my heart
and see us grow wild and free

I would plan and ponder
meditate and wonder
how to make every second
spent with you count

But it was all in vain
now i cannot celebrate it
anymore with you
as we once did
just awhile ago

To see your smile
that would pulse my heart
to feel your warmth
now so far apart

I miss that beautiful smile
I miss that cozy hug
Oh Lord why did you let me
experience such love

If it was only to vanish
Gone in front of my eyes
I wish i could have known
That birthday would be the last

I would’ve made it the best
Adorned with roses
my greatest endeavour
Now I only hold this
As a memory forever