After days, months, years of preparation, thinking, redo-ing, planning, experiencing I have decided to make a website to funnel all my social media platforms, ideas, projects into one big website. It's a start of something new, but something big and hopefully worthwhile. I have many passions that I like to pursue and keep track of. I love to write,(hence this blog). I write about anything and everything. I love to take pictures, or "photographs" for all you higher educated whipper-snappers, I like to film or make short films, (go check out my youtube channel, www.youtube.com/alexpresahq), I also like to make sketches, or skits to make people laugh, or whatever idea is on my mind. I'm musically gifted, and I only say that because I know I that I have been blessed with the abilities, to play without having any lessons. I've been playing the drums every since I was a little kid, and just recently been learning the guitar, and to my surprise, with much success. All that to say, stay "tuned" for some "tunes" to come later on. (See what I did there) Anyways, I might also do some covers of songs, and other musical things I'd like to share. As I've shared in my vision statement a little bit already, I'm currently in college for graphic design. That being said, my primary purpose for my website is for my clients. Of all sorts, all kinds, all peoples, anyone who has an idea that want to share it with me, we'll get it started together. If you haven't checked out my work page yet, go check it out, you might find something that catches your eye. I will also be doing a weekly wallpaper find, and a weekly newsletter going out to everyone who puts their email in the subscribe box down below. I will be covering any topic I want to talk about that comes to mind. Many things are in the works for the rest of the year, podcasts with special guests that are part of this collective, vlogging a bit (if you don't know what that is its video blogging), lot of collaboration Q & A type interviews, and much more. Hope you guys enjoy this side of the website, feel free to browse around, if you want to get connected with me, just email me at thepresacollective@gmail.com and until next entry, give yourself a challenge and see how you do!