Hi, nice to meet you!

Some of you know me, many of you don't. I'm a young guy, whom you will find out a lot more from this website. My name is Alexis Mathias Presa, or Presa for short.

This is my brain exploded and extracted. My deepest thoughts, my most outlandish ideas, my travels and adventures, my creative mind doing its thing. Just a hub for anyone and everyone to enjoy. From music to podcasts about pretty much anything, to designs of the week, to my very own clothing line in the works. I'm so glad you have stumbled upon this website, whether it be intentional or not.

So what do you say? Join me in my adventure!

What I Do


With a few years of experience and key courses working with DSLR's, photos come naturally. Photoshoots for engagements, product/ event photography, portraits and so on are some key strengths. 


Boasting over 7 years now with the Adobe Creative Suite, every new client, idea and project is welcomed and challenged to have the best results possible. 


Do you have a story to share?From small short clips to carefully edited recap videos, I have become best friends with Premiere Pro and its only going to get better from here. I am here to help get your story out there. 

      Web Design

When you've been doing this since Grade 10, its no brainer that we've come a long way in technology. No more need to sad code, but great design. From Text Wrangler and Dreamweaver, to Adobe Muse, Squarespace, Wordpress and more, there's no hiding it. 


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